Become a training practice

Before they can train veterinary nurses, veterinary practices must be approved as either a training practice (TP) or an auxiliary training practice (aTP) by an approved centre (primary centre). We are registered as an approved centre and therefore can approve you as a TP or aTP.

How do we become a TP or an aTP?

You can apply to us to have your practice approved as a TP or an aTP. When we’ve received your application one of our team will get in touch to arrange a visit to your practice.

As soon as you’ve met the RCVS training practice criteria we’ll send approval to the RCVS for your practice to be awarded TP or aTP status.

What’s the difference between a TP and an aTP?

A TP meets all the RCVS requirements for training veterinary nurses.

An aTP does not meet all the requirements but agrees to second their students to another practice for the elements they are unable to provide.

Every practice we approve will receive an annual monitoring visit from one of our Internal Quality Assessors (IQA). If we have any concerns about your facilities, case load or learner progress, in line with the requirements of the RCVS and awarding bodies we will visit more often.