Become a clinical coach

A clinical coach is an RVN or MRCVS who agrees to mentor a student during their training. It involves teaching, or organising teaching, of the practical clinical skills a student must learn. These skills are then recorded in the students’ online log, called the Central Skills Log (CSL).

Acting as a clinical coach can help you improve your own skills and keep up to date with best practice as your student will discuss their learning with you.

You have the skills to be a good clinical coach if you:

  • Can communicate well
  • Are well organised
  • Can motivate others
  • Are trustworthy and honest
  • Have patience
  • Have time to dedicate to learning
  • Are approachable
  • Can explain things clearly

All clinical coaches must attend an annual standardisation workshop. During this one-day session we’ll share important updates with you, and you’ll have the chance to develop your mentoring knowledge and skills. If you do not attend, you will no longer be able to support students.

View our forthcoming clinical coach and student revision events here

Case study

“I trained to become a clinical coach through Abbeydale in 2013 and have continued with standardisation every year. For me, being a clinical coach is one of the best parts of being a veterinary nurse. Each new student comes with a fresh view, enthusiasm and eagerness that is intoxicating. This encourages me to keep learning alongside them to improve my own knowledge, ability and the quality of care I give to my patients.

The only thing that can be a struggle is getting the time in a working day to organise tutorials. I work for a busy independent hospital that has a high case load and it can be difficult at times to focus on reaching goals. However, the varied case load gives the students the opportunity to experience, observe and learn a wide range of skills that prepares them for life after qualifying. Watching a student, with very little knowledge or understanding, flourish into a competent and confident RVN is fantastic and makes me immeasurably proud. Ultimately, I would choose the role of a clinical coach every single time!”

Amy Busson, The George Veterinary Group

Amy Busson RVN

Amy Busson RVN