New Level 2 Veterinary Nursing Assistant Diploma - Equine Launched in 2024

Abbeydale vet nurse training student with tortoise

What we do at Abbeydale

We train and support veterinary nurses, veterinary nurse assistants and veterinary training practices. Our specialist teaching centre is just off the A40, near Monmouth. So we’re easy to get to from across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Monmouthshire and the South and West Wales regions.

Our team of qualified tutors are all also registered veterinary nurses with current clinical experience. We deliver all the practical and academic teaching at our centre in Monmouth. All the exams are held here too, so you won’t need to travel anywhere else.

Because we’re a small, independent provider you can be sure you’ll receive personalised teaching. And because we’ve been training veterinary nurses since 2001, you can be sure we have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach you all you need to know to start your veterinary career.

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Why work as a veterinary nurse

If you’re keen to work with animals a career in veterinary nursing is an excellent choice for you. Veterinary nurses and veterinary nurse assistants enjoy diverse, challenging and rewarding roles and play a key part in raising animal welfare standards.

You will have the opportunity to treat and care for a wide range of animal species and to work as part of a team of veterinary surgeons and practice staff. You’ll also have lots of opportunities to continue to develop your career and gain post-registration qualifications.

Our training

We run the Level 3 Diploma in Veterinary Nursing and the Level 2 Veterinary Nursing Assistant Diploma (small animal and equine). We also run a L3 VN apprenticeships.

We also help veterinary practices support their student nurses. We can help you register with the RCVS as a recognised training practice. And we can train and mentor other members of your practice team to take on the role of clinical coach.

Case study - Bethany Willis RVN

Bethan WillisI am one of those lucky people who always knew what they wanted to do “when I grew up” - veterinary nursing. October 2019, marks five years of being qualified.

Starting from the age of 14, working weekends, lead on to being offered a job as an VNA straight out of school. I have grown from there, with many tears along the way, doubting myself as I struggled with exams and my dyslexia.

Veterinary nursing is a lot more than it is given credit for. It is tough. It stretches you further than you ever thought you could go, and it proves to you that you are stronger than you ever thought you would be. I have witnessed this since I was 14, when my eyes were opened to people who do what they do because they care.

The teams I have worked with have helped build me into the person I am today, and I have met some of the most important people in my life through this career. I will forever be grateful to so many of them.

I am proud of how far I have come. I work with an amazing team and wonderful people and thank you for all that you do to still make me see that what we do is simply amazing.”

Our student exam pass rate

Theory exams

The overall average for theory exams- 87.6% pass rate first time

OSCE - Practical exams

OSCE pass rate for 2023 first time was 85%

* Stats show the average pass rate over the last 4 years for first time success.
National average successful completion - VN 77% - VNA 73%

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